That’s a lot of correct answers

If RevisionHero were one big exam then the mark would be:
1,138,721 out of 1,212,430

Which makes 94% – so well done students!

More for the new year

More Henchbot challenges

More certificates

More Easter Eggs

YouTube embedding

…okay… I suppose I’d better explain this one for the teachers.

Let’s say you find a useful YouTube video, or a video you want to base some questions on (perhaps comprehension questions).

1. Click on the link for “Share this video” in YouTube.

2. Copy the “id” of the video.


The video’s id is also usually in the addressbar if that’s easier.


3. Edit or create your RevisionHero content and create a tip with the youtube:[the id].

e.g. {youtube:XWd7Pv8ew5c}

4. Don’t forget to preview your content.


This works if you embed youtube clips as tips in Microsoft Word documents too.

More generators


Here’s a fast way to create a worksheet.

  1. Copy some text about a topic you’re covering at school into a new challenge.  For general English practice you may want to try a passage from a book that’s out of copyright.
  2. Double click on key words to select them.
  3. Click the “Selected text to anagram” button.
  4. Continue selecting words (and phrases) and clicking the anagram button.

Selected text to anagram button

You’ll get a unscramble the words challenge.


Area and perimeter

Click the rectangle button to generate a set of area and perimeter questions.

Area and perimeter

When henchbots go shopping

Generate shopping questions for familiarity with numbers.  You can choose the scale of the numbers, whether to include multiplication for parts of the question and whether change should be calculated too.

Henchbot shopping

Somebody needs go outside and play!

When RevisionHero was launched six weeks ago the target set by the teachers was 5,000 worksheets to be completed by their students within the year.

That was felt to be ambitious, yet (just) achievable.  Challenges are teachers’ worksheets imported into RevisionHero. So it’s the equivalent of at least 5,000 sheets of paper that the teachers didn’t have to mark.  10 reams of paper.

That was achieved within the first month.  That’s 5000 challenges by students within the first month.

It’s lucky that many of these are automatically generated for the teacher!

A few students have completed over 200 challenges.  That’s 50 worksheets per week.  Obviously we’re in favour of revision, but… please… slow… down…

What’s New~Aug 13th 2012

What’s new?  Lots of stuff, but here are a few highlights.

Power teams

The speed team

The fastest, most powerful and the most super heroes are all celebrated in school’s power teams.


There’s a trade-off between encouraging frequent revision and penalising slowing down.  This has been adjusted in line with student feedback.

You don't HAVE to complete it

Locking challenges by powerstars

Teachers can lock folders to only be available to students with a certain number of powerstars.  For those “walk before you run” challenges.

Locked by powerstars

Mass challenge generators

Need a use for those decapitated henchbot heads?  We can now create mass challenges.  We’ll supply the heads.

A conversion challenge

Release the Robots!

Introducing RevisionHero to the class

RevisionHero is now live and the results are looking fantastic.

What’s New~July 24th 2012

Fraction worksheet builders

Fraction question

A new helper that will automatically create worksheets to create fraction questions.

Simple visualization questions.

Simple fractions

And includes more traditional style questions too.

Traditional fraction question

What’s New~July 23rd 2012

Teacher avatar

Teachers are cool.  They need a cool avatar.  Robots are cool, superheroes are cool.  Do you know what else is cool?  Ninjas are cool.  What could possibly be cooler than a ninja?

Ninja teacher

A ninja teacher.

Deleting images

Teachers that have created and uploaded lots of challenges tend to end up with folders full of images.  This lets them fix that.  It removes the image from the thumbnail list, it doesn’t delete it from active challenges!

Teachers can see powerstars

Powerstars are a new feature to encourage regular revision.  Teachers can now see how many powerstars each student has.  Powerstars are special because they reward the “tortoises” as much as the “hares”.  You can’t earn more than one powerstar in a single week, so regular revision is needed to unlock their special abilities.

Teacher removal of and editing of students

Not exciting, but it is necessary.

Bug fixes

A bunch of bug fixes, improvements and stuff like that.

What’s New~July 20th 2012


Well, not so much hangman as build-some-henchbots.

Teachers can now include hangman questions in their tests.  Perhaps adding one at the end of a challenge just for fun.  As always, they’re really easy for teachers to create.

A hangman question

Clicking the question brings up the hangman game, except here the henchbots are building themselves.  You have to complete the question before they are fully completed.

A game in progress

Improved registration process

It’s now a bit easier and a bit more fun to register as student.



Regular revision now earns powerstars which, when complete, give additional powers to your heroes and helperbots.

What’s new~July 19th 2012

RevisionHeroine again

Heroine 2

It was felt that the last revision heroine was a little too intimidating.  Here’s a friendlier heroine.

Folder management

This is a big help for the teachers.  Some teachers are starting to have a lot of challenges and needed a better way to manage them.  We’ve added drag and drop support for folders and challenges, right click menus and a bunch of other stuff to help teachers keep their challenges in order.  This has taken considerable effort to develop, but we think teachers will like the result.

Folder management

Clock challenge generators

Whilst we were looking at teacher functionality we thought we’d sneak in a way for teachers to quickly create clock question challenges.

One of the clock challenges

Teachers can choose their own clock styles and question types.


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